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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by HBKHBK, Nov 1, 2008.


    HBKHBK Member

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    Hey control booth members! I actually just joined a frat and they have placed me in charge of the lighting and technical stuff for our parties!! I've always love concert lighting and I want to make it a hobby of mine. So anyways this is just a quick post saying Hi!
  2. Kelite

    Kelite Apollo Staff Premium Member

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    Fort Wayne IN, USA
    Good day HBKHBK, and welcome. I guess the very first guideline of lighting frat parties is this:

    "Wait until you're done with the wiring before you, uh, well... take a refreshment break"

    Electricity and hopped beverages do NOT go well together.

    Now with the disclaimer out of the way, thanks for joining up with the crew of the ControlBooth. Please make the SEARCH tool your friend, as many discussions and solutions are stored away in the vault for your use.

    (Now then, what time Friday night should we stop by.... ?)

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