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Help! AutoCad add ons for light plots

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by inkandmask, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. inkandmask

    inkandmask Member

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    I'm preparing for my major senior project in completion of my BFA in lighting design and I need some help getting started with drafting a light plot in AutoCad.

    Unfortunately, AutoCad is the only drafting program available to me. A friend of mine told me that he has add ons for drafting light plots in cad, but he is currently MIA.

    Can anyone here help me with acquiring the tools I need for drafting this plot? I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Well, most manufactures offer blocks for different instruments, ETC included. If you do a search, you should be able to find them. There is a program, called LD Assistant, that makes autoCAD much easier to draft plots in. This software is not on the cheap side of things however.
  3. Esoteric

    Esoteric Well-Known Member

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    Dallas, TX
    Yeah, my advice would be to become familiar with AutoCAD and you should be able to import the symbols you need and go from there. It is not an easy process though. We used AutoCAD before we got Vectorworks (which I use now) and it took me about a week to learn it and another month to get proficient at drafting plots in it (long enough that it was time to move on to Vectorworks when I got good at it).


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