Help diagnose my cyc light dmx issue


Up until December I had been running a top and ground row of 7 units each of the Color Force Chroma Q 72's for 6 years all daisy chained signal without issues. Replaced the top row with 7 ETC Color Source Linear 2 Deep Blues, but still daisy chained them to the bottom row of 72's. Unfortunately about a week or so after install during a recital they ended up not liking that (crazy flickering and chasing) and so I split the signal and they each have their own runs (top and bottom). No further issues since then.

Currently have a dance event that brought a ton of their own fixtures and we daisy chained some of their floor mounted moving lights off of the end of the ground row. Seemed to be fine during load in and initial programming/early rehearsal this morning. Eventually the ground row cycs started acting odd and flickering. Ran a direct run to their movers from the same node that my ground row is plugged into. Seemed to solve the issue for a few hours. Then that node apparently just wasn't working as they immediately lost control (power was still fine) to all the units getting signal. No one touched any cables, etc. Working fine one second and then no control the next. Having no idea why that happened, I was able to swap the node to another network port and that as solved this issue. There are terminators in the last cyc and moving unit on the floor. What am I overlooking? I've just decided that the Chroma q's don't like being connected to anything else that isn't a chroma q. No issues with any other fixtures plugged into other network ports in the space.

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