Help me with this intercom project please! im lost!


Im just about to build an intercom ..more specifically.. an intercom by Paul stenning.. its schematics can be found on web ee..the thing is ... im not sure how clear its output will be in the noisy hall during my presentation... so, i was wondering whether anyone has tried building it before...if yeah, could you fill me in on how well it works? whether its voice output is audible, even in very noisy conditions ? or does it suffer from very bad interference?
(the url for the intercom schematics)
Nope, not me.

I do know that if your headsets are good quality and microphone good quality, it's for the most part going to normally do a good job. This part I might buy commercial, than what ever the home made power supply and transmitter, it will probably work by way of 24v similarity and assumed works the same way other parts of it also. Otherwise there depending upon what type of system is in use, is ways to boost and refine the signal often to supplement any system. Just takes a few extra parts and knowing how to assemble them in just such a way.
This isn't the correct forum, probably more of a sound question tha a QOTD.
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Am I correct in reading that this is not a headset based intercom? This industry uses headsets so that there is not the risk for an unwanted interruption to the presentation / performance by way of something blurting out at an inappropriate time amongst other reasons. So, you might want to consider something like that. Otherwise, I have no idea how well it would work. Since the speaker is performing double duty as both speaker and microphone, you would want to ensure that you use a quality speaker. The diagrams that are on the site linked to are very unclear and so I cannot make much more comment.

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