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this is fun (can you sense the sarcasam?)...

i need to rent an ETC Express Console... not hard right? well, i need it on the 20th of April.... through May 8th... for at most $400. I only need a 24/48 but will take a 48/96. Designlab doesn't have one for those dates, Chicago Spotlight has one, but I was really looking for a second quote... though I'll give up with that idea if I don't find one tomarrow...

I'm in central Illinois... I have no problem driving a few hours to get a board, I just don't know who else will carry it....

any ideas? any school that you know of that would rent their board? btw... its a community theatre.

There's Windy City Music in Burr Ridge, although I don't know if they have one. I know they have a Leprecon 624, tho.

TLC might have something. Also, try Grand Stage in the city.

There's also a company in Peoria on north Sheridan I think but I don't know the name.
Call ISU... they have a few expresses that they would prob rent you pretty cheap... also give F&G a call in chambana... if we had an express laying around i would rent it to ya but allas we dont... what theatre are you with?
TLC, Performance Lighting(Pete's), Frost, Design Lab, Grand Stage and Chicago Spotlight to complete the list quick list of just some of the suppliers in the area that might or might not have them available.
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Call ETC, not only are they not that far away, they may know who has one around here. Their service is great...just don't mention ship in your call hee hee

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