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Hello All,
I am designing GREASE on a strand NEO, and today I had an issue. This just started today. At some point during the cue list, something is happening to a set of 7 lights (STRAND PLFRESNEL MK11) on the same electric. They all stay on a certain color and intensity and will not respond to the boards commands. Yes I have started multiple times, and unplugged and re plugged everything. When I load the show file again, and go from cue 1, I have no issues until I reach a currently unknown part of the show when these lights stop responding. There are other lights in the chain before and after these lights which show no problems. I am fairly confident that it is a board issue rather than a hardware issue. Yes they have the right profiles.




What version of software is the NEO at? If you go to Options and then About NEO it will tell you.

Also would it be possible for you to send me your show file and I will test it on my console and see if I get the same thing? To get to the show file you will go to More then Control Panel and then select the Application Tab and then go to File Manager. Under the documents folder will be the NEO show folder. Your show file should be located there. You will need to save it to a usb key then take it to a computer with internet. I have listed my email below. Let me know, thanks.

Matt Peters - Strand Tech Support
[email protected]

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