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Our school wants to get a cans system and i have purchased 2 Riedel Beltpacks (they were cheap). I was just wondering what else would i need to make this work.

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What exactly do you mean by cans? An intercom system?
When I think of cans I think of Par cans (par 64 ect...). I think magickc is talking about an intercom system. Not too sure though. More deatils please..........
He is talking about an intercom system, they are commonly referd to as cans. I think it comes from the idea of comunicating with two cans with strings attached.

I do not know the Riedel Beltpacks at all i have never heard of them till now. so i visited there web site. What we need to know is the model number of the belt pack.

now a standard system would work like this

1 base station - which powers the whole system

1 or more belt packs - these rely on the base sation for power

headsets for every belt pack and base station you have

cable. you need the right type of xlr to create a chain of coms. it is usualy 3 pin but i have seen 4 pin for cameras.

Now if your system is wireless you will need a wireless base station which will connect your beltpacks together.

Hope this helps, you should check out there web site for more information


opps beat me to it it is an intercom he is intrested in.
Unfortunately i cant tell you the model number of the beltpacks as they are in the school at the moment and we are on summer holidays, so i will be back in, in september, i was just wondering what else i need to purchase before i get back to school so when i get their we can put them into use straight away, also if i was to use a master station and two beltpacks, does that allow 3 people to talk (does the master station also allow a person to speak/listen). Thanks Again, P.S I have 3 pin xlr headsets at school as well so i would just need cables after the base
Um i would say no you need to get the base station from the company that makes the belt packs. Other base stations are usualy not compatible with other companys beltpacks.

yes you should have 3 people being able to comunicate with the base station as one usualy given to a stage manager or a lighting opp. and the two head sets to stagehands or to follow spot opps

hope that helps


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