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Mar 25, 2013
Hattiesburg, MS
Ok, I work at a school where I teach things other than Drama or Tech. I am, for my sins, the only "tech" person around...(at least the only one who admits to it.) We have a Decor lighting system, CDP/PRO 11-4-3-10V, 42kw Incandescent...installed in the auditorium.

Does anyone have a clue if there is a manual for this system? I cannot get the lights to dim. The console will turn everything on or off with one switch and you can control each light or sets with a breaker. It looks like there are A/B choices for scenes.

My alternative is to take the whole thing apart so I can trace wires and sit there for hours trying A, trying B, trying c....and maybe getting lucky.

If I can get it to work, how would I get an extension cable so I can move the control box out front? Right now it is behind the stage left wall and you can hardly see anything.

Thanks for much for your help,



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Jan 30, 2010
Clayton NY 13624
Sorry to hear you have a system by Décor. Replacement would be the highest recommendation. I hope it's not new.

There are some pretty good people at USM there that might be able to help. Rusty Scafidel with 4Wall in Jackson is passing through frequently as my project in Poplarville nears completion. I assume you have done a complete google search. You might try Lite-Trol - they know old and odd lighting systems better than almost anyone. Finally, I'll see if when I am there - measured in weeks or a few months - I could help - or buy you a drink and commiserate.
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