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Hello all! I am hoping someone can provide some insight to my odd inquiry. My community theater has two Lite Puter DX1220 dimmer packs. They are looking for the best way to set these up in a semi permanent install. What I am trying to understand is how would one rackmount this in a flight case so that it could "travel" if need be. I am specifically interested in how one would set up the power? What kind of connector would you use? Obviously, a permanent install would be connected directly to the breaker box but they are hoping to be able to take the system to other venues. I know this is an odd request but any info on how this might be accomplished would be greatly appreciated!!


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If you do a quick google image search for Lite Puter DX1220 you will find a variety of images showing exactly what you are asking for. A Hubbel connector, Cam-Locks, you can put whatever connector you want on it, the question is really about what the venues you'll be travelling to have. One would, typically inquire as to the power situation in a given venue then rent an adapter, or have several adapters built to be able to accommodate the many different styles of hook-ups out there. Quite often the final solution is to have a LME licensed stage-hand or electrician actually do a tie-in for you with a cable that has your connector to bare ends.

Obviously, all work on the dimmer pack needs to be performed by a qualified technician. Make sure your flight case is well ventilated with removable front and rear doors. Like I said, check the google image search that will give you lots of ideas.


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Another consideration is that these packs are designed to work off three phase legs (HHHNG). Depending on the type of venues you are using them in, you may run into applications where only two legs are available (HHNG).
I don't know how many of these packs you have, but you may want to consider putting individual connectors on each pack. (EX- Length of SO cable with connector.) The size of your SO cable should be sufficient that your neutral conductor can handle 200% of the rated draw. This way, you can have two distribution boxes made up, one for 3 leg applications, and one for 2 leg applications. For example, if you had two packs, your 3 leg (phase) distro would distribute A,B,C to each pack. Your 2 leg distro would distribute A,B,A to pack one, and B,A,B to pack two.
The lite-puter packs I have seen are constructed with proper internal bussing to run the whole pack on one leg if needed regarding the Neutral, but it is important to remember that even in the two-leg configuration, 2/3rd's of the pack's current draw could be returned on the neutral so cable and connectors should be chosen based on handling that scenario.
These thoughts are shared based on the concept that the final choices and work will be done by qualified personnel.

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