Help With Fading In?


Hey im a highschool student who is frustrated with the colortran manual so i now turn to the internet. we are trying to set a cue to fade in a bunch of channels from about 30% to about 90% in 3 minutes to create a sunrise and I have no idea of the protocol to do that. i know how to set fade times and subs and stuff but im baffled with this and could use some good old ingenuity. By the way, the board is a colortran inovator 24/48 status
Can you not just program them with a 180 second fade? I have worked with Colortran boards before, but I am more savvy with an ETC Expression 3.
i suffer from short term memory loss and forgot who wrote the last post but that are essentially correct.

what you do is simply set up what you want the first scene to look like then you hit "Record -> Cue 1 -> Enter" where # is the numberd cue you want it to be in the show. remembering on the innovator, you can insert cues between 1 & 2 so 1.1, 1.2 etc.

then set up want you want your second scene to look like then just hit "Record -> Cue 1.2 -> enter"
by creating it as cue 1.2 it has left you space to insert one more cue if needed, but made them close enough that you know they are part of the same scene.

The you change your display to the cue list, call up cue 1 and make its fade out 180 seconds, and make your fade in on cue 1.2 180 seconds, this will creat a huge crossfade.

then just hit the load button above the A/B masters and select cue 1. this will start your cue stack from cue 1, so when you hit "go" the desk will fade up cue 1, then hit go again and it will start the fade over to cue 1.2

hope this helps, and isnt too hard too follow =)

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