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today i tried updating our strand 300 form 2.6 to 2.8. the os loaded ok then i went to install the networker and helpfiles. IM SCREWED. it came up to some msdos HELP???
Please SOMEONE????
i will be fired and never be able to do anything with lighting agian. we dont have the ability to have someone come to check it out. please hellp me solve this by monday.
Reinstall from the original disks?
Thats all I can think of. Dont bother updating unless you have a reason too.
i dont have the orignal disks and i cant even get the board to boot.
Can you expand on "It came up to some msdos"??? I have never worked on this console, but I guess I am a newb wondering if the problem has something to do with the underlying computer programing (which I have a bit more experience with).

Maybe Strand will have a download of the orignal discs somewhere or will send them to you if you beg well enough. Just a thought. Hope you get this figured out!
i turn it on and ms-dos runs. i get the "c:\" i go to a:\ and try to reinstal the os but it wont let me.
i emailed them. im trying to think how i can explain it. ill just go through what i did.

i was doen with this play so i cleard all my cues and resetting some settings and i remembered i was going to update when i was done with the play. i updated from 2.4d to 2.6c aboot a month ago before 2.8 came out. i saved my show and settings on a disk. i went through the install procedure: archive:soft:load:load. the os installed ok. i had it running and it said 2.8 requires the networker and helpfies. so i went to install the networker. it started to laod and then froze and reset itself. now i get the ms-dos promt thing. i installing newtowrker, reinstalling 2.8 and even trying to get 2.6 back on there. i see the system info ina window then have the dos linbe on the bottom. with the "C:\" i tried laoding and again but nothing is letting me do anything. i even unplugged it. i hope we dont need to use it on monday. i havent told my director yet in the chance he will kill me and i hope to have it running and he never needs to know. worst case if we need it monday i can use our light theatre board(same model just one less fader panel but there a civic theatre show for the next 2 weeks). i belive our warrenty ran out and i dont think we can afforded someone for Midwest scenic to come and fix it. we have no other people around our area who could help. i lefty a message for my churchs tech director(they have a strand 520) hoping he could help me.

im me on AIM if you have any other questions

I dono how much dos you know (I have been playing with dos since i was less then 6 years old), but you could try some stuff like in when you are seeing a "C:\ " try typing "dir" (quotes are only to show you what to type) and see what files it shows you are installed on the harddrive. To run one of the files, type its name, to enter a folder, type "cd FOLDERNAME" and maybe you can see if something is in that folder ("cd .." should get you up to the previous folder that you were in.) If you get a list of things using dir that you have no idea what they are for, if you post the list here I can see if any of them are something i recognise.

This is annoying that I cant see what is actually going on! But let me know and i'll see what I can do.
ok how can i clear everything(except dos) and reinstall 2.8 from the dos prompt. someone on the said it probabl;y ran out of ramWhich is true i couldnt save 2 shows on it and a backup) im pretty dure we dont have the orgianl disks so ill just have to put 2.8 on it.
If i had a dir list to look at, i could probaly tell you exactly what to type, but on a PC it is usualy something like "format" The first time you try would try typing "format /?" or "format /help" which may give you a help screen for the 'format' command. Reading that screeen should give you something to go from. If neather of those commands work, you can try just typing "format C:" and enter and see what happens.... allthough I really am not sure what that might do, on a PC that would reformat (get rid of completely) everything that is on the C drive. I woiuld really really try to figure out some other options first though.

(Just this pas week my laptop harddrive went bad and I have had to try all kind of things like this, not much of which worked, causing me to bring in my laptop to be exchanged for a new one today!)
Unless you have a full set of DOS floppies to reinstall from, the thing you DON'T want to do is "format c:" - it completely erases the hard drive... and that includes erasing DOS.

i tiored typing "help" in the prompt and it didnt do anything. please help me i am so dead right now
is anyone near beloit wisconsin if i cant get it working by tuesday i will personly pay gas money for some one please help
thankyou so very much.
any luck?

the only thing i can think of is as with windows you type


to start windows so why don't u try an equivalent with something like


if you have a pc (or mac :D )at home look at the contents of the floppy and see if you can decipher any .exe files
i got it to work. it did run of of memory. i went in the dir and clearded some old shows that i did not relize were still on it. i was able to reinstall 2.6c. i have enough memory left to save just one show for now.

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