I need to know the average stage measurements so I can work on a project on my way to disney today!!! Please Help Me!!!


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Uh.... that depends a lot. A typical Large High School /Performing Arts Center sort of Proscenium stage is probably about 38-40 wide. It's about 4 or 5 feet from the grand to the pit cover and another 12 feet across the pit. No pit... then probably about 12 feet of apron in front of the grand. Upstage is probably about 10-15 feet between the grand and the mid and another 10-15 feet between the mid and the Cyc. For a total size somewhere between 38 wide X 30 deep to 40 wide X 40 deep

These numbers are rough averages based on three high schools I've worked in. A Broadway stage is going to be much larger. There are also lots of places much smaller. But there are some numbers to get you started

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