Herbal Cigarettes that DON'T stink????


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Is this even a thing? Having to do another smoking bit....ugh. We've used herbal cigs before but they stink the place up worse than a real one, and for weeks! Has anyone had luck with a brand that doesn't reek as badly????


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The standard herbal cig here (theatre, tv and film) is, I believe, "Honeyrose", which is still distinctive but about as good as it gets.


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Yeah I try to use e-cigs (with nothing nasty or flavored or nicotine inside) or other substitutes whenever possible to avoid any kind of cigarette including any "herbal cigarettes".
As mentioned there are a few less horrible ones out there, but as mentioned I always try and steer things as far from any real smoke as possible, especially as smoking laws have just gotten stricter and stricter here.
Of course "cloves" are about the easiest to source but damn the smell lingers for months.

As mentioned in some places the laws around this have continued to evolve over the last few years, so you may want to just double-check the legalities in case they have changed. In Quebec for instance you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT smoke anything on stage after a court ruling -> https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/mont...istic-expression-quebec-judge-rules-1.6243011
Even E-cigs may potentially be an issue moving forward.

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there are prop cigarettes that you blow into and they put out smoke. Can be used day after day and does not smell. Of course if you want the actor to blow smoke these will not do it.

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