here is my Touring resume for anyone to view

11617 Lilley Ln.
Omaha, Ne 68123
Home (402)339-9105 - Cell(402)850-9612
EMAIL: [email protected]
OBJECTIVE: Travel with National Bands performing all types of Stage Crew Work. Pursuing a Personal Goal.

PAST EXPERIENCE IN MUSIC INDUSTRY: StageProductionCrew Total Years Experience:17 Years

Assemble & disassemble light show
Display & run light show
Set up & tear down PA, including sound check
Tour Manager
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Drum Tech
Guitar/Bass Tech
Public Relations
Merch Sales
Promotional Marketing
Stage Builder
Tour Bus Driver
Truck Driver with current Class A CDL w/Haz Mat
National Acts: (toured w/ nationally)

•THE UNION UNDERGROUND- USA (..An Education to a Rebellion Tour) - March
•NSYNC- USA (The Pop Odyssey Tour) April 2001 (setting up for production)
GEORGE STRAIT- a week in April 2001
•NOTHINGFACE- USA (Violence tour) July 2001
•MACHINEHEAD- US/International tour (Road Rage tour)July/Sept. 2001
•CUSTOM- USA (Fast Tour 2002) April/June 2002
•THE USED- USA (Vans Warp Tour) June 2002
SWITCHED- USA ( Never a dull moment/Ozzfest “02”) July/Sept 2002
JOHN EDDIE- USA May/Sept 2003
RICKIE LEE JONES- USA (Wde World tour)Sept/Nov 2003
TRAIN-USA (My Private Nation tour) Nov 2003/May 2004
OZZFEST 04"-USA (Production crew)may/sept 2004
DIRT-USA (Pressure Cooker tour)sept 2004/sept 2005
National Acts (local stagehand) 1999-present

* Other work history and education available upon request.

References/Salary :D :
upon request....


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Hehe N'Sync, man I remember them. I liked them back when I was younger. Wait no that was Backstreet Boys. Oh well, same diff.

That's pretty impressive. You've done such a broad range of different positions, from bouncer to bus driver, PR to drum tech. Bet it's pretty easy to find work when you're so flexible, eh!

Oh and welcome to CB!


Active Member You might want to spell check your resume. Otherwise looks good.

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