Hey, Everyone


Found this site by accident, but I'm certainly glad I did. I havent browsed the forums yet but this seems like a great community for tech. Well I guess I should tell you all a little about myself: I'm 18 and attending college for my BA with Technical/Production Emphasis. Doing all the Nap time classes right now, Math Speech English comp.... and so on. I'm primarily a Lighting guy but I also love Carpentry, and sound. Cya around :)


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Hello and welcome to the forums. Hope you visit often and feel free to ask questions and post any answers. Everyone has something to contribute regardless of experience--this website is for everyone to learn and share ideas openly.




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That means Welcome and what they said.

(PS. I hate the pirate Avatar - it's not me)


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Welcome Source4,

I am dvsDave, your webmaster! Just wanted to drop by and welcome you to our little online community!!

mmm... nap time classes... I love those...

hope to see you around the forums often!!


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