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I found control booth a few weeks ago via a link from prosoundweb.com.

I live in Monterey, CA and go to school in Washington, DC. I've been a Stage Manager, ASM, sound guy, light guy, prop master, running crew, grip, production assistant, and I've even been an actor. I work primarily at an outdoor theater which is a lot of fun and makes me realize what a luxury it is to work in an indoor theater on occasion.

CB seems like an awesome community and I think its really rad that theres a place where I can speak techie and others will understand.
Hello there and welcome to Controlbooth! It sounds like you have done almost everything in the theatre such as I have. Have fun here and don't be afraid to ask questions(I don't bite, can't speak for others though) 8O

-The Official Welcome Wagon (part 1 of 2)
AKA "Phil"
Welcome to CB!

I see that I am a little late in greetings! :( Just wanted to say hi and ask what school and what theatre in DC? (I work in DC)


Wow, I'm slow here... shame on me... that's what the first 2 weeks of college will do to ya! (that and launching another set of mp3s on my website and recording another Bible conference this weekend...) anyways, i digress. Welcome to Controlbooth.com! Please ask questions and post your thoughts arround the forum!

Welcome To Controlbooth.com
--The official Welcome wagon (part 2)
Peter, where are going to school?

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