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Hey, I love the site, But i was just wondering where are good tech theatre schools. I am currently attending Valparaiso University as a freshman. I chose there for meteorology my junior year of high school. I changed my major over the summer and now i want to do tech theatre or stage management. This is not the school to do that. I am planning on transfering out of here at semester and going to a comminuty college and taking some theatre classes and then i would like to transfer to a school with a great technical theatre program or something for stage management. I am looking into Columbia in Chicago as well as DePaul. What other schools do you guys know of?
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There have been a lot of posts on different colleges so if you use the search engine you will find existing threads.

Here is a link to a search done on "colleges"

This link was created by doing a search for "de Paul" it shows topics where at least one posting mentions de paul.

If you start with these it might give you some ideas as a lot of the members have been in exactly the same boat as you.

Hope this helps.

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