Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...


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Here are his pictures



I have a few but I don't have them online and I don't see a way to upload images that aren't online already, which mine aren't.
Just to let everybody know, you can upload your own files to CB! Check out the My Uploads link in teh main menu!
len... it's a picture of a truss w/ some cool lights, lets see the set :)

I'll upload some pics soon.

BTW- Free and easy image hosting can be had here:

-http://imageshack.us/ (No signup required)
-www.photobucket.com (signup required, but more reliable)
Not a set. It's a place called the Aragon ballroom in Chicago. Very famous and on the National Register of Historic Places. There is a stage, but that wasn't in use that night. Just an AIDS awareness fundraiser with several thousand ravers going until about 8 AM. Here's a another shot
of the truss being assembled and you can kind of see the room. I couldn't stay too late into the party. I still had to rig another party for the next night at another venue. So one crew was ripping fixtures out of there at 8 AM, and driving them over to here

for the next party. That's a pix from Saturday night at about 10 pm. The doors had just opened and we were still hanging some specials for the entryways and aiming some lekos on the bar area. I climbed down a ladder and backed into a guy with butt-less leather chaps on.

The next day we had to rip everything out and get it loaded on a truck by 2 PM. And we were 2 crew short. Not fun. I didn't sleep for nearly a week.

The only one that even came close to turning out, I have a bunch more but they are all grainy and make me mad that I didnt think to take pictures till the last night. West Side Story BTW
Nice look. Did you consider using a frost for the spot? If you chose not to, can you say why?
Did you consider using a frost for the spot? If you chose not to, can you say why?
now that is a topic that lighting people will be divided over
Nope and heres the cut and dry answer. It wasn't an option, the lights in use are moving lights (they travel upstage partway threw the song and I wnated to keep the toplight on them.) and two of hte lights fdo not have a frost option. I can change out gobos like a mad man but I have yet to change a color. A secound reason would be I wanted the hard edge look, I saw it as a fantisey, the real world does not matter, just whats inside of the lights and because they can never be together its a hard edge. (not my thoughts at the time but makes a bit of sence now) An the worst reson is out TD is not a big fan of frost so I have not been exposed to it untill I started reading differnt books.


Things that shouldn't be in the picture, side light; way too much it helps bring out the faces but also does it too much, uneven cyc wash; one or two more cells would help alot.

Thats one of the set, it was a fun one to build. I cut the steel but we had a pro come in and teach the TD how to weld it. Then we hung stuff on it for differnt scenes. THe other major set peice was Maria's bedroom which was two pieces of scafolding that caus emany a head ach for the grips.
Wow, guys good pics, but lets watch the size, say 800X600 at the largest so that people can see them without having to scroll all over the page.

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