Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...


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My first event of 2020. July 4th wedding. Lighting and softgoods by ESC


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Ouch. Glad you and your home were safe, Bill!


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Fight Leukemia
The construction looks flimsy. By comparison, the tree looks like it lost a couple of small branches, and the building in the corner didn't even loose a shingle. I suspect that the shed was built without any engineering, and no code inspection.


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Here's one of mine from a couple of years ago. The show was for our young players, doing Grimm's Tales. The set had to double as an enchanted/haunted forest, day and night, various palaces, a spooky attic, a prison and so on. This is it in its spooky forest guise.
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Yesterday, we filmed a production of The Buddy Holly Story for streaming and drive-in-theatre showings. (6-camera shoot) Pre-rehearsal quarantine periods as recommended, daily health checks, masks only removed for streaming, all wind instrument parts were recorded in isolated booths and dubbed in. Any wardrobe crew having contact with actors wore full gown-mask-shield-gloves. Any shared props were disinfected before re-use. All hand-offs were eliminated. No actors touched or handed anything to each other at any point. All blocking was done with 6-foot+ social distancing in mind. Each actor had an individual vinyl-partitioned dressing station. Tech tables were distanced throughout the theatre. Scene and costume shops had mask and sanitization requirements, as well as individual work stations and tools as much as feasible.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
The Rev Theatre Company, Auburn NY
Producing Artistic Director, Brett Smock
Director/Choreographer: Richard J. Hinds
Associate Director/Choreographer: Anthony Raimondi
Music Director: Ethan Andersen
Scenic Designer: Adam Koch
Lighting Designer: Jose Santiago
Sound Designer: Kevin Heard
Costume Designer: Tiffany Howard
Hair & Makeup Designer: Al Annotto
Props Designer: Marshall Pope
Stage Manager: Nolan Todd
Production Manager: Michael J. Iannelli
Photography: Ron Heerkins Jr / Goat Factory Media



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How many of us see this view in our minds even when we are sitting in a regular seat?
I have to purposely quiet my mind to watch a show, and not dissect all the tech.
Show of hands.. guilty??View attachment 21377
Dunno, looks like a bunch of lampie kit to me. But it's so hard to get meaningful pictures of audio.... /nudge, wink

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I need to see a show at least twice. Once for the tech, sets and so on and once to "see the show:p


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Now if I could just get everyone here to post their lighting plots along with pictures, I wouldn't have to think anymore...

I'm embarrassed to even look at pictures of the junk I call a show after looking at a lot of these.


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That last picture was my design for "Cats" I've said that Cats will never be my favorite show, but it may be the favorite show I ever lit.
I had to arm wrestle the set designer.. well actually tell him the moon would be a gobo on a phoenix LED color and all he had to do there was tell me where and how big. I had a cue probably an average of about every 30 seconds during that show. Actually went and taped early rehearsals at the rehearsal space outside the Theater, and had a basic show programmed on nomad before we ever came in to the theater. Most of the time in our community theater I don't have that luxury.. but an all dance show lent itself to that very well.

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