Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...


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That's what I use playbills for...

In the time before Corona, I used to print off the pdf of lighting plots if they were available before I went to see a show to save me the time of trying to figure out what the instruments were and where they were located. I've been chastised many times for taking photos during performances with my phone, usually never of the actors though. The usher at "The Band's Visit" was very confused when she asked to see what I had rolled up when I came through the door and was presented with all the lighting schematics of the show. I promised not to use lights or take photos when I was making notations, and she looked at me like I was (rightfully) insane.


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So I know this is in the lighting forum AND it isn't theatre per say, but I was reflecting tonight on life and America and other projects so I thought I'd throw this in here for something different. A few years ago James Madison's Montpelier added a new exhibit called "the mere distinction of color" focusing not on Madison and instead 100 or so slaves the plantation kept at any given time, and their descendants. I've built stuff for broadway, for ESPN, colleges, some big companies and museums around the US and I still come back to this as the thing I think I'm most proud of. Its a killer exhibit and was one of the first of its kind in the US.


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I'm reposting this from 2017. Of Mice And Men at The Central New York Playhouse. Sad to report that Phil Brady (Right) died suddenly last weekend. He was a member of our production group, an amazing actor, and a sweet man. Always there for a joke, a work party, a hug, or simply his loving prescence. He will be missed.
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1. We did little shop of horrors!
2. My Head LX let me put some rainbow puke on stage
3. Our first livestream during the panini (first in the province too)
4. Samajam, where everyone gets percussion instruments!
5. My very empty pandemic space :(


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So pretty much everything is vommiting light. Our rig in the space is completely LED. So there is a combo of d60s, s4 LED2, and solaspots in the air, and the ground has a handful of MH1s.

Sounds like you've got a near-fatal case of photorrhea. :think:


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You might think this is my "April Fool" set construction picture, but it's actually what's specified for 'Wolves'. Simplest. Set. Ever.


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You might think this is my "April Fool" set construction picture, but it's actually what's specified for 'Wolves'. Simplest. Set. Ever.
Yas!!! This was my first show as technical director at GLM in Reno. We did it in the round, and the actors had to spend a lot of practice not losing the balls in the audience. The writer is actually from Reno!


Here is the techie portion of our yearly dance show. Set-wise there really isn't much to show off given we eliminated the grip crew with covid to keep numbers down. The programs' promo video runs up to 2:40 with the light show starting at 2:41ish.

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(bonus points if you can find a frame with me behind the MA2)

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This is the first day of tech for our little show. Can you guess what it is? This is one I built myself. The wings are controlled by radio and it will also drive around on stage. Everything is good in my world at the moment.
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