Hi Everybody

Hey guys im Pete from Jersey, im a senior at my highschool where ive been the sm for the past 4 years. My TD told me of this site, checked it out.... and Wa-BAM i love it.. ok im done just wanted to say hi to the community and to say great site


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Welcome welcome welcome!! Hey, Controlbooth.com's reputation is spreading! that's great to hear!

Wow, you managed to start out as SM as a freshman? Good for you!!!

I hope you stick arround the site (get that # of posts number up abit higher) and I guess I'll say thank you for the complement on the site for all the admins and everyone who works here (although I hardly work here!)

The welcome wagon (part 1)

[sorry about being so slow, I just got home from a quck trip to canada since early thursday morning, but I'M BACK!!!]


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Welcome to Controlbooth.com, sorry i'm late

-The OFFICIAL Welcome Wagon (part 1 of 2)


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ooh another jersey guy! the population is growing!!!

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