Hi Everybody

Hey guys im Pete from Jersey, im a senior at my highschool where ive been the sm for the past 4 years. My TD told me of this site, checked it out.... and Wa-BAM i love it.. ok im done just wanted to say hi to the community and to say great site

Welcome welcome welcome!! Hey, Controlbooth.com's reputation is spreading! that's great to hear!

Wow, you managed to start out as SM as a freshman? Good for you!!!

I hope you stick arround the site (get that # of posts number up abit higher) and I guess I'll say thank you for the complement on the site for all the admins and everyone who works here (although I hardly work here!)

The welcome wagon (part 1)

[sorry about being so slow, I just got home from a quck trip to canada since early thursday morning, but I'M BACK!!!]
ooh another jersey guy! the population is growing!!!

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