Hi from Adam in St. Cloud, MN


Feb 3, 2005
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Just a few salutations as I am a nueb on the sight. I am the technical director for a theater in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and have been working in technical theater for the last five years. I started working on set construction in college, then moved up into sound and lighting. I worked for ETC. in Wisconsin coding for the WYSISYG project, and repairing studio spot gear boxes and dmx circuitry. I realize that my relative newness to this message board echoes my relative newness to the field, so I would like to say thank-you to all for the opportunity to learn through shared experience. I hope others will benefit from what experience I have to share. javascript:emoticon(':wink:')


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Oct 2, 2004
Hey! Welcome to controlbooth.com!

We were all n00bs here at one point or another, but the good thing is, arround here, there are are no n00b posts or questions, dont be afraid to ask or comment or question! The more talk the more we all learn!

Yay! another coder around the site! Ok, well I am really not that much of a coder, but I do code enough to make my own websites (www.GrowInGrace.com and www.school.growingrace.com). What languages do you primaraly code in? I noticed the javascript:emoticon but I am rather unsure what it is trying to do! (i guess it is humorous at least!)

Welcome to Controlbooth.com!

-The OFFICIAL welcome wagon (part 2) (I would have been part 1, but my internet quit out and wouldnt let me post earlier!)