Hi from New Zealand


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Jan 12, 2005
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi from downunder.

This is a really great site with lots of good info.

I did lighting many years ago at High School. I have also worked as a theatre technician for a small community theatre. I get involved in lighting for community theatre.

I spent time a couple of years back as the theatre technician at a High School. I also did the sound and lighting at a High School last year. I had to fix the lights, and the lighting desk just to get started. So I understand the problems you guys can have with limited equipment.

On the other hand I am jealous of some of you guys with thousand seat auditorium/ theatres. These are only in the big cities here and normally run by the city councils. If schools have a decent theatre they probably won't seat more then 500 people.

If I may suggest a very useful link that has quite a bit of info on lighting and sound as well anything electronic it's Tomi Engdalh's electronics link page :-


I look forward to reading the forums as you guys have some really great ideas and we can all learn from each other.


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Jan 21, 2004
G'Day - good to see another member from down under.

Welcome to the site and I look forward to seeing you around the various fora.



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Oct 2, 2004

yes we all can (and are) learning alot from eachother! we each learn abit with each post, so post away! :)

Another person from "down under" Welcome! I think you will find yourself in good company arround here, there are quite a few people from Australia and New Zeland arround here, and quite a few from north america. (please be nice to us North Americans, we have lots of adapters to worry about :-D )

I guess it is my job to welcome you officially now (or someone got annoyed with me and AV kid always saying "welcome!" from the "-unofficial welcome wagon" :) ) anyway, that and the fact that I have been too lazy to make myself an icon (and maybe the fact that i was away sick from the site for a few days, and came back and said welcome about 15 times (ok, it seemed that many)) all of those reasons together i guess have added up to make me the "Official welcome wagon" (hehe, it even feels good to say that :-D!) and someone has saw to making me an icon that even declares my position!

As my official first act as "Official welcome wagon", I welcome you to Controlbooth.com and hope you become a long term member who will share much valuable experience with us all!

(Thanks to whoever has give me the icon and Title! hehehe!)


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Feb 17, 2004
Lakewood, NJ
Welcome to you and have fun!
- the other 1/2 0f the OFFICIAL welcome wagon

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