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Hi guys I'm new to the forum. I work at UCSB theater and dance in sunny Santa Barbara CA. I am the scene shop supervisor here, we produce approximately 2 shows a quarter sometimes more and scenic budgets range from 3k-6k . I'm excited to learn from you guys as I have many questions.
When is OSB alright to use and when is it not? I never like using it but my TD orders it for many scenery applications are there times you would absolutely never allow it use?


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Welcome to CB! Good to have you here. You will want to repost your question in the Scenery, Props, Rigging Forum. Not all members read the New Member Board here.

Theatre set contruction is unique, and there is no one set standard. So, answering your question may be difficult as it depends on how the OSB us used with other building materials, and how the scenic unit functions within the production.

I hope you enjoy your time here with us!



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Like all retrofits they are never quite as good as the original. Good OSB is stronger than Ply but you have to be careful to use it the way it's intended.
Non-oriented wafer board isn't much fun. Bad versions of either is just expensive particle board.


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As structural sheathing in building construction OSB and plywood are interchangeable. I understand not liking OSB for set building because it really is designed to be a structural material and not a finish material. In building construction, it is nearly always covered with some sort of finish material. So if you're building set pieces that need structural sheathing that will be covered with a finish material, OSB should be fine.

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