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My name is Viviani,
I've been working as costume technician for many years, and now, I've decided to go beyond neddles and threads...
I am looking for schools in Orlando, Florida where I can find introduces to lighting and audio programs/course.
So, if there is anybody that can help me with some info and names of schools that I can find what I am looking for, I will be a have costuming girl!!!
Thanks for your attention,
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community colleges

and as stated on many other threads here, don't think that Full Sail will give you all you need, think of it as an introductory or supplementary course. the only real way to go if you want lighting or other tech stuff as a career is a four year college now a days lighting companies hardly accept anything less.


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What are you wanting to do with this degree/courses? Are you currently working professionally as a stitcher? Is this a just because thing, or you looking at a career change. Do you have any other degrees?

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