hi there from south cali!!

my name is Rishy and im a very new lighting designer/technician and utility stage hand in highschool!!! im a sophomore and currently im assisting an actual professional designer in a production of grease! at my highschool. I love theatre tech and i sacrifice my life for it as I bet all of yall do! lighting is my favorite aspect of theatre and i specialize in color mixing! my school uses an ancient two scene pre-set board with WW2 Butterfly hot patch system which is more tempermental than any chick PMSing! YET Magic happens on my stage! im looking forward to learning alot from all the techies on this great site and i cant wait to hear your experinces. is it just me or did the older techies give you the dirty minds you have today. i was a pure virgin frosh and now after a year my mind is a virtual whorehouse! lol sorry im just a bit random

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