Hi There

Hi, my name is Jeff and I act and do set and tech work. I'm kind of the unofficial set director/designer and tech director/stage manager for a small school as well as an actor and tech and set crew member at my current school. All the aspects of theater interest me. I'm really not very experienced in the world of tech so I went searching and I found this forum which has great information. So, I'd like to say Hi to everybody. It looks like this is just the right place!:mrgreen:
Yep it is just the right place! This is a great place to learn about all aspects about theater, especially the technical aspects! Keep searching the site for lots more info, and if you cant find something please feel free to post and ask! Also jump in and join in any active discussions or even old ones!
Welcome to CB. There is a crap load of info on this site. You just need to look around for it. Peace.

You will have all kinds of info here. It is also one of the best places for feedback from your peers!! Just jump right in and you'll be getting all kinds of info really quickly. Have fun, and Welcome!

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