Hello there!

Have yourself a good look around. CB is full of great information. Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Are you currently in HS?

Followspots are a good stuff, I've done them twice for a musical and then a lower school play at my show.

Feel free to go take a look through old topics, and post anything that your wondering about (you may want to check if it already exists first) but everyone here is always willing to answer a question, and you can always learn something.

Sound of music? anything notable that you would like to brag about?
Welcome to CB. There's alot of crap on here. 99% of it is useful. I hope you find everything that you need.
Nice to see a fellow Minnesotan! What area you from?

Alright, cool!
Welcome to the booth.

Never really thought about the breakdown of good info versus frivolity before and whilst I would guess it to be closer to 90/10, you have a good point.

Besides, what do they say about all work and no play?

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