I am currently Sound designing a production for The Full Monty. If you don't know about the show. It's basicly about guys looking for work and becoming male strippers. There are a few moments in the show. Especially at the end when 5 of the male leads strip down to dance belts while singing. My question is what is the best solution to hiding the mic pack? Would it just be in the dance belt? Or any other ideas??


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When I did it, at the very end of the show they had different mics then the rest of the show. The all had policeman hats at the end that contained the pack and Mic. When they finally removed that, they didn't sing anymore so they weren't any ugly cables running up their back.


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Full stage 30' rule I would say body suits for the top half. That gives you ample placement options and will turn heads for the ladies if they can't tell.


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For the production I just closed last Sunday, we had a mic/beltpack installed into the policeman's hat.

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