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April 19, 2022 · eBay · US $16.98​
Lighting and Electrics​
StradivariusBone said - If you want to go even cheaper and are willing to mess around with a computer [link] Most of those little USB-DMX dongles use some kind of FTDI driver and would work with any number of free diagnostic DMX software. Whatever you save is being paid for by the potential headache in getting it to work. Cheapest solution would ...
April 20, 2022 · Monoprice · $129.99​
Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control​
Malabaristo said - If you're hoping to send different content to each projector, then your odds of success with any laptop are slim. If you're planning to send the exact same thing to all three projectors, then the search term you're looking for is "HDBaseT Distribution Amplifier". I don't have any specific recommendations based on experience, ...
April 22, 2022 · eBay · US $749.99​
Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control​
JimmyM said - This might work? One could use the hs base t matrix term on google and find others too.
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April 20, 2022 * 19 posts * 447 views
MikeDonovan said: Hello. I have a festival coming up in June, and we're considering wiring the majority of the rig with Cat6 and sending sACN or Art-Net directly to the fixtures. How reliable is ... Read more >>
April 20, 2022 * 18 posts * 393 views
dvsDave said: Alright, I have a tendency to let my desk get cluttered up, buried under paperwork, fidgets, gadgets, decorations, and snacks. This question is not for the Type-A people where ... Read more >>
April 22, 2022 * 10 posts * 232 views
StradivariusBone said: Folding drops in and of itself is already a contentious issue, but I was mostly curious about the sentiment when that drop has a whole US Code written about it. Our school owns ... Read more >>
April 20, 2022 * 16 posts * 264 views
NeroCaesar said: Hello folks, I not a much of a Mac person and I'm just learning HDbaseT/baluns/extenders, but I like Qlabs and Projections for set images. I have a low requirement setup and was ... Read more >>
April 18, 2022 * 12 posts * 435 views
bobgaggle said: Alright I'm usually over in the scenery thread, and I'm not an electrician, hope you guys can help me out here. I'm building some props with lights in them that are hooked up to ... Read more >>
April 21, 2022 * 5 posts * 218 views
kiersplat said: I work with an older very experienced audio technician who swears that storing our cables on shelves is better than pegs because its easier on the cable. I can see a possible argument ... Read more >>
April 20, 2022 * 5 posts * 222 views
aadesigns206 said: Good morning all, First time posting here. Hope to learn from others here. I've been asked to work on installing AV equipment for a new outdoor stage being built in my neighborhood. ... Read more >>
April 20, 2022 * 6 posts * 181 views
turtle7896 said: Hey everyone. Just need any recommendations for a router to use for an ETC Element. My school is investing in the aRFR app, but we need a solid router to get the job done. Let ... Read more >>
April 22, 2022 * 5 posts * 145 views
jtweigandt said: We have an ion currently .. not sure of age right now, but it's Win7 based with 2 ethernet outputs. Currently everything we do is straight to dmx... through an opto isolator and ... Read more >>
April 18, 2022 * 3 posts * 214 views
Paige Borak said: I'm working in a theatre that has a million dimmers in the grid, but of course we're using 12 ETC D40s, 10 Lustrs and 2 MK2 movers. I've found 3 blocks of 4 wall outlets on the ... Read more >>

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