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May 11, 2022 · Amazon · $34.59​
General Advice​
gafftaper said - Well, I left my car unlocked and somebody stole my beloved Nebo Cryket Flashlight. So it was time to find a new one. After some research I settled on a Nitecore MT2A. I've only had it one day, but so far I'm very happy. Having the ability to instantly switch from 345 lumens to 17 lumens without accidentally turning on anything ...
February 28, 2022 · Amazon · $12.99​
Lighting and Electrics​
gafftaper said - I just completed building a DMX Tape Light controller board and I decided to post a full report. I purchased one of these for the controller and four of these for the power supplies. I mounted it all on a 3/4" plywood board. Wiring was easy. Programing the DMX when it was done took seconds. I do a lot of DMX over Cat5 as ...
May 6, 2022 · Amazon · $19.98​
Lighting and Electrics​
Jay Ashworth said - I'm trying to build a pluggable power monitor to go in front of the power strips for what our British TV cousins call "derig" theatre setups -- folding tables and surface cabling in a theatre not set up for current-day equipment. Alas, while it's easy to get this, with a 100A split-core CT: [link] and it's relatively easy ...
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July 18, 2022 * 38 posts * 739 views
RHINESEL said: We are a community theater group "inheriting" a little used school theater. The dimmer packs are NSI DDS 6000 and thus Microplex as I've learned. Reading up, I need a converter ... Read more >>
July 20, 2022 * 18 posts * 356 views
Jay Ashworth said: [ Promoted from comment; I know better. This is a copy of a PSW post; apologies if anyone sees it twicet. ] My theatre has a small, in-booth Dante net, used primarily to route ... Read more >>
July 19, 2022 * 4 posts * 150 views
Gpquinn said: I have a Chauvet colordash par-hex12 that keeps blowing its fuse. I initially thought it was the power cable, so I repaired that. When the fuse blew again, I tried with a different ... Read more >>
July 25, 2022 * 3 posts * 129 views
jtweigandt said: So our Chauvet hazer was getting flaky on it's dmx responses. Until the failure mode was more consistant we were victims of a subtle problem The 3 pin computer style power cord ... Read more >>
July 19, 2022 * 1 post * 77 views
aeh20s said: Does anybody know where I can get the quarter turn clamps for the W-DMX Blackbox G4? We appear to have lost ours and it looks like Wireless Solutions doesn't sell them anymore. Read more >>
July 18, 2022 * 13 posts * 833 views
jtweigandt said: And finally with lighting... Cinderella has married her Prince, and I'm off to London so to speak now to light Jeckyl and Hyde Image  Read more >>

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