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November 19, 2021 * 15 posts * 338 views
gafftaper said: I'm at LDI and I'll be posting updates here about my experiences. My first reaction... This is a SMALL show. Many major companies are not here and those who are, are scaled way ... Read more >>
November 19, 2021 * 16 posts * 145 views
egilson1 said: Welcome to the Post Pandemic LDI 2021 New Technology Breakfast - Lighting & Projection. I'll be attempting to update this thread as the morning proceeds. First note is that obviously ... Read more >>
November 18, 2021 * 8 posts * 254 views
bobgaggle said: So I've got frame that I need to hang. It gets a muslin header velcro'd to the top chord. I suppose the top of it is within sightlines, nobody wants to see rigging hardware above ... Read more >>
November 18, 2021 * 7 posts * 283 views
jad17555 said: I was asked to try to figure out a solution for a lighting problem at a local church. The sanctuary, which was built in 1994, is a 50' diameter circle in a 3/4 round configuration. ... Read more >>
November 18, 2021 * 4 posts * 146 views
Stagemanager01 said: First, a short back story to my question: last year, we had a power outage during a rehearsal, and I guess when that happens, our ETC Unison system (that controls lobby, house, ... Read more >>
November 16, 2021 * 16 posts * 486 views
Malabaristo said: It's most confusing to people who already know how to use an Eos family or other more traditional console. If the target users are mostly new to everything and your rig is mostly ... Read more >>
November 16, 2021 * 9 posts * 439 views
MrsFooter said: Uuuuummmmm...I say this with zero snark or sarcasm, but please find a better class. Your teacher is more interested in remaining comfortable and unchallenged than teaching you ... Read more >>
November 15, 2021 * 28 posts * 827 views
Jay Ashworth said: I may have misunderstood the ruling, but I believe FCC has decided that the ability baked into some enterprise-level Wifi management systems to look for "unauthorized" BSSIDs in ... Read more >>
November 19, 2021 * 22 posts * 650 views
coolsvens said: This is always tough. I am an LD and also always shoot my own shows. There are a variety of things that could be making everything look muddy. Some of them may be the camera settings. ... Read more >>
November 16, 2021 * 19 posts * 465 views
Uncle Dirtnap said: That would be easiest- and not too hard. I've done it before using DMX to control a strobe unit that used pulses from a 1/4 phono jack. I had the values modify the sync between ... Read more >>

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