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October 17, 2022 * 13 posts * 407 views
bobgaggle said: Hi all, usually I'm over in the scenery forum but I've got a new problem. I'm building a football toss game for a trade show, like a carnival midway game, throw the nerf football ... Read more >>
October 18, 2022 * 16 posts * 395 views
mellinger said: Hi Everyone, Posted this to the ETC Forums as well, but thought there might be someone to answer here as well: Recently, our router that was connected to our NET3 4 Port Gateway ... Read more >>
October 19, 2022 * 13 posts * 661 views
gafftaper said: I got to tour a warehouse in the back at Disney that has a couple of everything. When something breaks they pull a spare out and are back up running in a short time. The variety ... Read more >>
October 22, 2022 * 8 posts * 237 views
gafftaper said: Am I the first or last person to hear that you can bond, fill, and repair anything with Super Glue and Baking Soda? Is this real? Seems like the most useful trick for the shop ... Read more >>
October 20, 2022 * 3 posts * 139 views
Kevin Statham said: We use an imac in our tech booth to run powerpoints that then go to our switcher and then the projector. Our stage is about 20-25 yards from the booth. Can anyone recommend a good ... Read more >>
October 19, 2022 * 25 posts * 1,024 views
Ted jones said: Patience is a virtue, I'm told. I had to find one to show you one of them. Advantages: 1. The spun steel sheave: It was a piece of heated steel spun at a high speed and the edge ... Read more >>
October 20, 2022 * 16 posts * 762 views
Van said: I'm sorry, I guess I should have said, "Animal Glue", or Rabbit Glue, which is the most commonly used glue with dry pigment. However, having used it during my first three years ... Read more >>
October 20, 2022 * 14 posts * 356 views
Rainmaker said: Hi all. Show coming up has low profile wagons on straight casters, knife in a slot, standard sorta stuff. The only other time I've done a system like this, the aircraft cable attached ... Read more >>
October 20, 2022 * 18 posts * 729 views
kicknargel said: OK, OK, when opening the curtain, the carriers are bumping into each other as they "stack." The master carrier ends up pushing all other carriers. Always better to pull than to ... Read more >>
October 22, 2022 * 2 posts * 167 views
chawalang said: I didn't listen to the recording, I just read the headline. The answer, they will function more and more like roadhouses. A friend of mine who is full time at a major regional ... Read more >>

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