HiLine Spot 575

What brand of fixture is that? Seems like a lot of money, how about for that same amount of money getting something used? Believe there is also stuff like accuracy, stepping, speed, noise, and repair parts to consider. Perhaps rent or get a few days worth of play test of the fixture before you buy sight unseen. Get the demo or at least wait until LDI.

Often advised is not just to have moving lights, but to have some base moving light types that while it won't do everything or be the most modern thing on the block, dependibly gives a good indication of what it's going to do. A used Mac 500 for instance - I don't know moving lights much, might if from a reliable source be in the same price range if not much less and have a decent track record in upgrades, service and support.

American DJ/Elation while also not the best, does have a decent or comparable service/support to it. Such gear will also like much on the low end suffer from the above problems in accuracy etc.

Not saying anything bad about what Gear Source is selling, but I would play test it and compare it to others first. Than given $2K is a signifigant amount of money, something from even Robe, Coemar, SGM or some of the lower lines of Martin, HES or Verilite might be in your budget - new or used.

This in additon to Clay Parker, ETC, Hubbell, Optima, Phobus, & Morpheus and no doubt other established brands all using this same lamp.

The following is a list of possibly similar or better fixtures using this same lamp: Good lamp, pay the extra money to use a MSD 575 lamp instead however. Much more cost effective. This or there are other brands that are alternate less in price options to Philips that work just as well.

ACT Lighting Tour Wash/Tour Spot 575
Clay Paky Alpha Wash
Clay Paky Rain Spot 575
Coemar Fiera 575
Coemar i575EB
Coemar i-Spot 575
Coemar Micro Scan III
Coemar TX 360B
DTS XR 7 Spot/Wash
Elation Color Spot /Wash 575
Futurelight MH-840 & MH-860
Geni BR 5
Genius Motor Show 575
Genius Nexus 3
GLP Y Pac 575
Griven Acrobat PE 575
High End Systems EC-1 / ES-1
High End Systems Studio Color/Spot 575
Hui Hong Blue Whale
Martin Mac 500
Martin Mac 600
Martin Roboscan Pro 918
Odyssey USA Ody 575 Spot
Robe Spot/Wash 575XT
Sachtler Hypercolor
Sachtler Moving Spot/Wash 575
Starlighting DRG 575M
Strong Intronational Moving Color/Spot 575
Studio Due CS-2
Ultralite Pro Head/Wash 575

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