History of the Parcan?

Specifically the Par64 Parcan. Was asked when they first came into use and can their invention be traced back to any one company or person. I probably could find an answer in one of my lighting books, but an internet reference (if one exists) would be preferred. This is what I've found so far: http://eshop.steinigke.de/out/pictures/wysiwigpro/cmscontent/support/whitepaper/en/licht/History of the EUROLITE PAR-can.pdf

I know it's been discussed here prior, but the ParCan has been in use in the entertainment industry since before 1979 as the link indicates. Certainly early 70's as a version manufactured by Mole-Richardson, a short bodied unit that was copied by Altman. Legend has it that Altman was asked (Bill McManus ?) to make a longer version to help the gels survive and extended the body to what we have now.

I was using these longer bodied Altman units in 1975, They were used extensively at the 1976 Demcratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden, where EVERY available unit from every NYC area based shop, was used.
More trivia, but in 1972-73 I ran across a start up light company which was out with their first rig, they must have gone by looks alone, not real background info. Instead of Par64's they bought all Altman 8inch ellipsoidals, wow, the tour LD just sadly shook his head in amazement when presented with this rig.

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