Hiya! I'm Otto, a junior at Blair High School, just outside of DC. I've done theatre for the past three schoolyears and two summers. We're working on the the (early)spring musical right now, Once Upon a Mattress, and I'm LD....eek. I'm here to pick up any insight, wisdom, or whatever you want to throw at me; I like learning about everything. I just happen to like learning about Theatre a bit more.

Maybe I'll learn something in-depth about LDing, too...nothing worse than an idiot newbie swaggering around with gel samples before they've even plotted lights. Eek. Not naming names.

But, yeah, HI!
Haha, thanks. Beating them with safety cables isn't that much fun though. What's fun is threatening to dangle them from the catwalk...heh heh. Pranks are nice, too.
were doing once upon a matress for our spring show too!
ive always wanted to fly myself up, but ide have no way to get down!
we did mattress my freshman year, 3 years ago. welcome to the forums im sure we will all benefit from your posts.
i still prefer taking them to the grid or tuxedo heavan and leave them in there with the lights off....
i know before i was a freshman they used to give all the new crew swirlies....i had a few friends and they stuck up for me. i think we need to start that tradition again, whoes with me?
Nonono. You tell them to sit on a pipe while you're reweighting it, until you can "find some sandbags." Let it run away two or three feet (but catch it before they DIE). Heh. Nice tech version of chicken. Also, have a 9v battery licking contest-- most in fifteen minutes wins. Prize for numbest tongue.

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