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This one is probably more for the Aussies on the forum ... I have an understanding of programming fixed and MLs but have only had to use the Jands ESP consoles and Maxim with PatPad to do it.

I have never had the need/opportunity to use a HOG (500 or 1000) but the use of these consoles is on the horizon so would like to start getting my head around them. I'm not wanting to be an expert on the console, more just being able to record some basic cues, know how to work the pallettes, get the MLs doing some basic moves etc.

Yes, I am reading the manual, but obviously its a lot more helpful to have the console in front of you at the same time (which I don't really have the opportunity to do).

So, I am wondering if anyone knows of a basic/crash course for the HOG I might be able to try out (preferably local to Sydney) ... or know anyone who might provide a bit of one-on-one training??



Hello, I had the same problem as you, and I've been training on the hog 1000 for several weeks now. The best way I found to do training was to call my local rental shop. I set up an apointment with the rental rep. and i got to play around with their hog 1000, they even let me plug in some MLs and traditinal lights in the console. They also offered me help with stuff. If they dont let you do that they are pretty darn stupid cuz its beneficiary to them because you will rent them their board if you know how to run it...(that was my argument and it worked..:p)I dont think they will charge you for anything...again its in their favor. I've read the manual about 4 times and I was very prepaired for that self training day. I also looked around on the net and found that you can download the wholehog 2(hog 2PC : hog 500-1000 op software) operating system emulator...here's the link..It helped me know and get around the op. system before I even had the board in my face...very helpfull.
Hope this helps a bit...
Antoine Lacourse
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Good point and don't forget the sales people too... there are a lot of them who will go out of their way to do you favors in order to earn your loyalty as a customer.

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