Control/Dimming Hog4 Hue/Saturation or CMY?

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Hey, everyone! I’ve got an interesting conundrum for Hog4 users and, more specifically, the color system.

Hog4 has an option for either Hue/Saturation or CMY and I’ve experimented a lot with both. The thing I’m trying to figure out is which is better for both standardizing colors between different fixtures and using colors other than the standard RGB or CMY.

First, the “standardizing fixtures” part. I’ve seen that the HS color wheel can display the various points on the same wheel for the same color on different fixtures (because all fixtures will have a slightly different color profile), but is that still possible with the CMY engine, and which is better for manually (or even automatically, if possible) matching colors between fixtures?

Ok, now my main question. I’ve got a few fixtures that are RGBA and some that are RGBW and I would like to know if the HS engine really does utilize those extra colors for better mixing (seems like it doesn't use anything except RGB). The CMY engine seems to have options for the extra colors on fixtures that support it, so which color system is the best option for quad/hex fixtures with more than just RGB?

I wouldn't be surprised if I’m completely wrong about all of this, but it’d be great if I could finally figure this out.
Thanks in advance!


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Standardizing between fixtures won't quite be a thing. Color engines on different fixtures will be different no matter how you get there. More often than not, you'll end up adjusting colors on a new light even if you clone it from another light using real world values. My brain works with CMY because that's what I've been accustomed to use. In the past using HSI would sometimes result in undesirable crossfades through unwanted colors though it has gotten better over the years. My recommendation is for CMY because it's easier to tweak than pushing around Hue and Sat.


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I'd agree on using CMY and then storing presets in colors you commonly use that are either more subtle or more difficult to dial up manually every time.
Just like positions, you can make all your fixtures look the same color, then save that as a preset called X.


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I don't know if this is still true, I haven't run a show on a hog in a couple years. In the past, all of the color picker and auto-palette information was generated in HSI, and it would not elegantly crossfade to something programmed in CMY. I used to do all my hog programming in HSI simply to avoid that problem.

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