Hole "name" for RF BNC antenna pane; passthroughs


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Does the hole used for many Shure and Sennheiser rack systems have a name. It's the one which is just a small1/2" diameter hole with on side squared off/flat. For use with the included BNC pass through panel mount connectors for antennas.

I've found "D" style mounts terms and Keystone but can't find what that hole may be called. I'd like to get a 1u rack panel made with 6 of them in it.

Basically this but with 6 or more holes punched in it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/de...nr3evuio1oUCCLdq_yQaApfLEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds


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Knockout in the electrical world. I don’t see why it would be different in the rack building world.

Could buy yourself a blank and punch out as many or as few holes as you want.


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Depending on how hard the panel will be used, a round, half inch hole works fine for a BNC panel mount coupler. The D hole is only needed where a wrench tightened nut and lock washer isn't sturdy enough. Greenlee makes both round and D punches in that size.
These types of holes are called flatted round and come in many diameters in electronics to suit connectors and switches that need an element of anti rotation as part of the their assembly. As others have said a lock washer may be sufficient when a plain hole is drilled in the panel, especially for a connector that isn't frequently disconnected and reconnected. Should you wish to buy a punch for one you better be sitting down when you shop.

Assuming your measurement of a 1/2" hole is correct this would be the Greenlee punch for your needs:

For which you'd need their hydraulic or handheld press to use it.

If you only need a single panel I'd suggest seeking a quote for that from Penn Elcom or another custom panel maker.


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