Home made gobo?


There was a mention on the web of gobos made out of coke cans, anybody witnessed this first hand? I need to make a custom perspective design to shine on the floor, and using soft aluminium would allow me to make it myself (I lack machine tools). I'd imagine using a 500w wouldn't melt the gobo...?

Has anybody used such soft metals and maybe even a cutter to make a gobo?
Yep, you can definitly make gobos out of coke cans. I have not personally done it, but going through our suply of gobos, we have at least 5 from cans. So i don't know if they will look funny or anything like that, but I know that it can be done.

Soundman, are you saying use a pin or sharp knife versus a cutter? Is it because the cutter cuts too thinly?
Its a personal choice but I find it easer to make detailes cuts with a knife then a scissors. I didnt see the part about a cutter, what is that?
Um, I do believe that the gobos were not that detailed, but I think that one was butterflies and the other was a lightning bolt, but I'm not sure. So, good luck with that!

thanks Katie and Soundman for your help... Soundman, I used the term cutter without really thinking about it - it wasn't a very precise choice on my part as it means a variety of office cutting tools - what I had in mind was a retractable cutter, just like a knife, except with a long razor blade inside, i know you've used them before. But I'll experiment with various cutting devices to select the most appropriate for my design.

thanks again and time to drink some soda pop!
Aluminum flashing (used for roofing, purchase at Home Depot or a building supply) would work better than a Coke can, but of course cost money. A Roto-zip spiral saw might be a good controllable tool for intricate cuts, with out distorting the metal.
more to the point, the good old home made gobo....

I was going through all our supplies at school and there is a box which could be used as a history of the coca cola can... and for some weird reason they were all the same pattern lol but then again, my school does weirdo stuff like that.

I didnt read the post in full detail, but from memory, you can print an image onto overhead projection film off your PC if your printer is able to do that (the rough stuff is the best) and cut it out into a coke can instead of just goin at it....
oh, and I'm planning on keeping the tradition going here too, been drinking lots of cokes lately... 8O thanks again for everybody's input.

and i hope you scrap the rest of the glued on paper off the tin before you stick it in the light ;)

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