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I have two Lyian 1266 followspots with the analogue hour meters, roughly ten years old. I have just replaced the lamps in both spots but for the life of me, cannot figure out how to reset the meters. This is the first time in three years that either lamp has been changed, to show how sparingly these lights are used.

On most follows you can not reset the meters. The clock is not just for hours on a specific lamp, but hours on the light itself. In spots everything takes wear, from the douser to the iris to the ballast. Take a piece of white gaff, put in on the underside of the light saying what hours it was at when you re-lamped, then subtract to get your lamp hours.
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All the lamps I have ever worked with are like that. We just mark what hour we changed the bulds at. Then, it's all up to your ability of subtraction.
a TI-89 really insn't requried for such a simple subtraction

is it?

inless you want the square route of the hour counter
The square root of the inverse sine of the cosine more like it...and yet I still use mine for simple math when my brain's lagging a few minutes behind.
HA! I never touch the calculator in the shop...we don't have one there. All of my math is done on a 1x4 scrap. That's the way to go!
Math ? In a shop ? I just kinda guess and keep hacking away on the board until it fits. where I want it.

" ****, cut it off three times and it's still too short !"

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