How do I find production people to hire?

Stuart R

Hello all -

I run a well-funded school theatre program in North Miami and have a number of stipend-based production positions (artistic and technical) to fill for upcoming shows. Do any of you know the best way(s) to reach potential candidates in this area? Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.

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Call the local IATSE union hall.

Call nearby colleges and universities and ask if you can send information about jobs to them to post.
If this is a stipened position, it may not meet with what is agreeable pay to the members of the Local. This will be something to discuss with the business agent at the hall.

@Stuart R , as always, remember that you get what you pay for. So bear in mind whether that stipend you mention is reflective of the well funded program you're touting.


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I just saw your other post about the TD position. Here in Seattle union technicians are making about $35 an hour. According to your other post you are looking at $300-$400 per week for about 10 hours of work. So you are in the right ballpark for pay. The problem is that there is a ton of competition right now to find good techs and you are looking for someone with a pretty strong skillset. I was talking with someone from our local union this morning and they told me that between all the people who retired during Covid, people who just left the industry because there was no work and never came back, and the very long list of new shows that are all going out on tour at the same time over the next year, they need to hire 500 new technicians for the IATSE list here in Seattle. That's insane! If things are that bad down there (And I believe they are similar nation wide) it's going to be very challenging for you. As was already said, you need to find a retired person or some hot shot college interns.

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