How do I reach potential part-time TDs for a school theatre program?

Stuart R

Dec 21, 2017
Miami FL
Hello friends,

I am in charge of the arts program at a private school (preK-12) in the Miami area. We are seeking a TD for the 2021-22 school year (roughly September through April) to coordinate set, lighting, and sound in support of three student productions. This person will need to show up after school (3:30-6:30 pm) roughly 3x week during the rehearsal periods to work with student tech crews, and then supervise the crews during tech/dress/performance periods. The TD will be a part-time employee (no benefits sadly) earning between $300-400 per week for about 30 weeks.

My question is... how do I reach potential candidates? Who do I talk to? Where do I post?

Any advice you could offer would be grealy appreciated.

Many thanks,

Stuart Rosenthal


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Jan 26, 2010
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Kristi R-C

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Jan 21, 2016
That’s a good gig for someone who’s retired - call the local IA and see if they have someone who might be interested in it that way.
Or a college student or parent.

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