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How do i set it up?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Leech, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Leech

    Leech Member

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    My school is having the one acts this year. So some schools will come to put on a one act in our theater but I don’t know what to do with lights.
  2. soundman

    soundman Well-Known Member

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    Nashville TN
    What is the set up of your space? With out more details I would suggest a warm cool wash on all the areas (front and top) with any remaining lights to be hung and circuited for use as speacils once the schools show up.

    If the schools have an hour or two to set up they might regel some lights and touch focus but make sure as part of strike they restore to rep or you will be stuck doing it.
  3. Les

    Les Well-Known Member

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    DFW, Tx.
    Is this competitive one-act? If so, each one act play usually uses the same light plot. Generally, We would do a 15 - 18 area plot. (15 areas would be 3 rows of 5, 18 would have 3 rows of 5 plus 3 large on the apron. Really just depends on the stage). Each area if done properly should have 2 front lights (warm/cool) with a neutral down light. The areas are normally 8-10' diameter. Usually one act play in competition will also allow Red/Blue/Green washes available. It's pretty basic, and will not allow specials, or any modifications done to the basic plot.

    This is all assuming it is competitive one-act play, and is done similarly to how it's done in Texas.
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