How does Emphasis work?


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What is the deal with the ETCNet and Emphasis. Is Emphasis just WYSIWYG, a computer and a light board connected via ethernet cable? Is there additional hardware/software? Would it work to hook a computer with WYSISYG to a light board? Is it more complex? Also, how much would the Emphasis 3D 500 ch server and WYSIWYG cost if using an Express 48/96?
Emphasis is a Dell server that is essentially a console using the Expression OS PLUS WYSIWYG as the visualization element as well as using WYG to enhance the basic OS.

The Dell server uses any of the Expression 2/3, Insight 2/3 or Express series consoles as the "faceplate" to allow better ergonomics of the programming. You don't actually have to have a "real" console", but it gets clunky without one.

The "'faceplate" console gets linked via it's Ethernet port and is taken over by Emphasis. The basic video still feeds of the back of the console, with the remaining display's coming off the Dell, thus the faceplate and server want to be in proximity of each other for maximum display benefit. A note that you can program a show on Emphasis, save in "old" console format, re-boot the console in "old" OS and run the show without the server, provided you stay within the basic limitatons of the faceplate console.

Emphasis greatly expands the channel capacity, the smallest system is 500 channels in 2D. It goes up to something like 4000 channels or something.

Emphasis also greatly improves the ML functionality as well, far superior to the basic ML features on an Expression 3, IMO. Still not a Hog/GrandMA or Maxxis, but a good choice if you already have a functional Expression series console and need improved functions.

It provides for good visualization of the plot - it's WYG after all, and links the ETC dimming link system into WYG Report, which is really only useful if you have ETC dimmers with advanced features.

It also becomes part of the Net2 enviroment, controlling it as needed, as well as allowing the Pocket PC based hand held PC's for wireless RFU function. In theory, it can also allow a WinXP Remote Terminal function from a laptop, etc... which would get you a designers remote, with only one display, however.

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That clearssome of it up, but does it just connect via standard network card? Does WYG provide a functuin to set up an Emphasis server? If you get all the components: A computer, wyg perform, and a board, is tha Emohasis? or is more required. What software is use don the pda or laptop? Can a wireless router be used to connect things? The reason is I might be getting a new Dell and WYG so I want to know If that can be used as Emphasis, otherwise I can only get Design, not perform, Excuse ny typing, Im on a laptop and the Keyboard is wierd. Plu s I m too tired to fix my mistakes right now. ;)
>That clearssome of it up, but does it just connect via standard network card? Does WYG provide a functuin to set up an Emphasis server? If you get all the components: A computer, wyg perform, and a board, is tha Emohasis? or is more required.

The Dell server has Emphasis pre-loaded and that's what you purchase from ETC - computer with Emphasis. There's no "Emphasis" software, per se, that you can install on a different computer. Thus, it has all the required hardware, net cards, video ports, etc... right on the server ready to go. Upgrading to higher levels invloves purchasing an upgrade code that unlocks additional features. It's all on the server awaiting the code

>What software is use don the pda or laptop?

You download the wireless RFU software from ETC. The website lists the compatable Pocket PC devices. The laptop can in theory, be operated via a direct connection or wi-fi in what's known as "remote terminal" mode or some such. It's actually an XP function that ETC does not support (yet). It allows a remote computer to take over the server.

>Can a wireless router be used to connect things?

Yes. That's one of the things you need to purchase when you go wi-fi RFU

Steve B.
Ok thanks. Now all I need to know is the price of the server.
>Ok thanks. Now all I need to know is the price of the server.

The price I got was $5000 for a basic 2d, 500 channel version. I believe that was list, so might be $4000 - $4400 or so if you shop around. I seem to recall about $1000 more for 3d.

Ok, cool! Can you run other programs on the computer or is it a dedicated server? Like could you run say iTunes or Acid Pro or other windows programs?
Yes you can do other app's.......


Given that's it's still a Windoze machine.......

1) Don't expect too much in the way of Tech Support from ETC when that ask the question - "Have you added any other software ?" . They will have no way of knowing if the problem's a conflict, or an Emphasis bug. Note that the Windows Remote Desktop Connection is not something that ETC supports, even though it's a good way to get a laptop/remote PC to be a designers remote console. I've read of others doing the same thing with Hog PC and a tablet running in XP's Remote Desktop. I confess that it's gonna' be one of the first things I setup oncwe my new systems in place this fall.

2) Would you load Grand Theft Auto on your Expression if given the chance ?. Do you really want to have to explain to the general manager why the $15,000 light console isn't working for tonights show ?.

If you have a laptop, use that for basic Windows/computer functions and let the console be just the console.

The server would only be used for Emphasis, audio recording/editing/playback, and internet. I would save Counter-Strike for home. ;)

Does the server come with monitors and keyboards and mouse and stuff when you buy it?
Thank you for all the info. I'm going to have Emphasis in two of my spaces and haven't had much luck finding any answers. The ETC website is pretty vague.
Call either one of the regional offices (NY, LA) and ask for a Field Project Coordinator, or call tech support direct in Madison and ask for tech support - Emphasis. In gerneral, the local dealers will not be able to answer your questions in depth.

They will answer all your questions.

You might also want to join the ETC Console Users' group forum - it's listed on the website under service. The ETC folks respond.

Also the Light Network under Delphi forums.

Remember also that if you're buying 2 systems, you get something like 2 free training days on-site.


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