how is this accoplished (lighting question)?



how is this general effect accomplished, just blue lighting? Or is there something else. This picture is of a dancer who represents the moon in blood wedding.

thanks :D
The link doesn't work either.
hmmm, works for me, w/e, anyways, i just want to know how the lighting of the woman was accomlished. I already know how the image was manipulated, just the length of time the shutter on the camera was open, to create the ghistly effect.

:? dont worry about it i guess
There's no way thats just a long-exposure picture... the girl is in midair, not just blury...

Anyway... looks like theres a strong source in front and another dimmer source behind- looks like the floor- so a shinbuster...

I say the blue is just from someone playing with the pic on a computer though...

But I suppose it could be just blue gels...
But this pic really looks like the work of a graphic artist.

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