How much gaff does it take to rust-proof your pipe?


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Here's the latest installment of nutzo stuff I find at my newish place of employ. Oh the determination it took for me to wring this monstrosity from a rust-stained, un-lined natural muslin pipe pocket. I feel truly blessed I only had to uncover one coupler. 36' of pipe I think. I wonder how many rolls of gaff. I wonder so many things. :wall:



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Oh man, you and @microstar really should take this show on the road.


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I've been told that this option was explained to the person responsible for the tape calamity but they thought their idea was better...
I lied anyway. We paint the ones we sell yellow so they are easier to aim for with your ankle when they stick out of the pocket.

Also, maintenance is less likely to "borrow" yellow pipe.


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