how to do a comet?


we need a comet in a play at our school-
the comet must be "built" with light-
it appears for 20 sec.
it should go from the left side to the right

our solution now is:
we take a spot (i hope its also called spot in usa) with a gobos and then hang it on the right side of the stage (in the stage) and move it by hand

any other solutions?
it mustnt be too expensive! (we are a school)


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If by spot you mean leko, elipsoidal (sp), ERS, profile, yes that will work. If you mean spotlight (as in followspot), no that will not work (they don't take gobos). But for a simple low cost route, you have it. Get a good pair of insulated gloves.


yes i mean profile... not followspot...
i dont think that we need gloves cause its only 20 sec :D but good hint! (we'v tested it - its not so hot)
and yes- it works also with a followspot! but the result it was too large
=> what we did: we took the aperture (i hope its called so) and built a metal plate with a whole (our comet) into it

it was really funny :D and one of our drills broke down


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The I-cue is the scanner mirror for a spot. I like to say that it's the "poor man's scanner", because most good-quality scanners are more than five times the cost of the I-cue. You can purchase cheaper ones, but they generally don't have as much power as a spot if it has a high-wattage lamp in it.

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