How to Patch a Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRC


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Correct; you plug the fixture's Edison connector in to a constant circuit or wall outlet and has nothing to do with control other than powering the fixture on. If you have DMX outputs around the space, you run data from there to the DMX input jack on the fixture. Then go from the output of that fixture to the input of the next. If you don't have DMX outputs, you can run it straight from the console provided it has a second universe (which I believe it does, labeled "DMX B". Otherwise you need an optosplitter). Only thing is that you may run in to logistic issues getting a cable from the booth to the lights. The dimmer racks themselves also receive DMX, but they may not have a pass-thru.

Then you need to address your fixtures to the next available channel. If your last dimmer is 192, you can address the lights starting at 200, etc. Finally, patch the fixtures in to the console. There may be a personality for this fixture in the console but possibly not. You should be able to custom build one or consult Strand/the user manual.

I don't know the specifics for that board, but that's running DMX in a nutshell. Note that you may need a 5-3 pin converter for the fixtures.

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