Howdy ya'll

howdy ya'll. i'm new here
HMOcidalmaniac said:
howdy ya'll. i'm new here

Hi and welcome aboard! =)

im just curious about your name, are you a doctor and hate HMO's, or what??? This is confusing me...
yea, thats how I see it, only as the HMO are capitilized...

my dads a doctor, its rubbing off on me
Hey HMOcidalmaniac,

Sorry it's taken so long for me to greet you... I just got back to college today and the process has been tedious at the least.

Well, welcome aboard. Lots of great info from a lot of members, hope to see your questiosn and answers alongside theirs!

your webmaster,

about my name-
thats a nickname that my apprentice gave to me
i'm always injuring my self doing various , let me be frank, stupid things such as pogosticking off of bleachers and other stuff.
yeah the HMO's love my insurance carrier

That makes sence, that sould be a commerical for your incurance...

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